1.        Governor's Farm Apartments shall be used for no purpose prohibited by the laws of the United States, or the State of Colorado, or the ordinances of the Town of Windsor, and all police, fire and sanitary regulations imposed by any municipal, state of federal authority either now in force or hereafter enacted, or by any insurance underwriter covering Governor's Farm Apartments or any part of it, and for no improper or questionable purpose whatsoever.
2.        Pets will be allowed only with prior permission from the management and there is a Pet Policy enforced.

3.        All additions to or improvements of the leased premises shall become part of Governor's Farm Apartments and the property of the owner.

4.        Any visitor or guest is permitted to visit for seven (7) consecutive days.  Any visitor or guest wishing to extend past the seven (7) days must be approved by the management, and will follow Lease Agreement, Section K, Paragraph 13.

5.        The said premises and every part thereof shall be kept in good, clean and sanitary condition and appearance, free from dirt, filth, waste, detrimental material, noxious or objectionable odors.

6.        Permission from management must be given before you hang or place items outside the apartment entrance.  There must be enough room for a gurney to enter the apartment if need be so nothing should be blocking your entrance into your apartment.  You are only allowed one plant on your front patio and all other plants must be placed on your back patio only and your garden area.  Nothing is to be put on the lawns outside of your back patio because it could be blocking the sprinkler system and also the mowers need to get to that area.

7.        Residents shall put no signs upon the premises.

8.        No additional locks or chains shall be placed upon any doors of the building without express permission of the management.  If permission is granted, the management will designate type of lock and require a copy of the key.  Please do not lock your screen door in case of an emergency and we need to get into your apartment it only slows the procedure and also ruins the door.

9.        Sollenberger Properties LLC., or any employee or agent of Sollenberger Properties LLC. shall be allowed to enter said apartment (with permission of the landlord) at any reasonable time to make repairs and to enter said apartment at any reasonable time to inspect premises.

10.        A radio, stereo, television set, or any musical instrument shall not be played or operated in said premises at any time, which annoys or disturbs other residents of the building.

11.        Garbage must be tied in appropriate wrappings and trash is to be taken directly to the trash bins.

12.        The laundry room is to be used only by Residents.  The laundry room and other common areas are to be kept in a clean and neat condition after use by a resident.  Please do not overload the washers and dryers.  We also ask that you do not put rubber backed rugs in the washer and dryers for they plug the system and make a mess.

13.        Personal belongings are to be kept and permitted only inside apartments.

14.        No objectionable or disorderly conduct will be tolerated.

15.        The resident's relatives or relative's children or guest's children shall not be permitted to run or make disturbing noises in or about the buildings or premises.

16.        Any Tenant complaints must be provided to Management in writing.  Management will then respond within 5 days.

17.        No furniture, posters, equipment, etc. are to be removed from the common areas by a resident.

18.        Each tenant is assigned a parking space.  The Resident Manager will not be responsible for any problems with tenant parking. The tenant parking is for tenant parking only. The "NO PARKING, "HANDICAP PARKING" will be enforced by the Resident Manager.  Double Parking will not be tolerated. Vehicles will be towed away at the vehicle owner's expense.  We need to keep area cleared for emergency vehicles and emergency equipment.  Visitors are to park in visitor parking only.

        Vehicles are not permitted on the premises and will be towed at vehicle owner's expense that is not currently tagged or does not operate.  

        If you require information regarding transportation you may contact  the Windsor Senior Ride Program at 674-3500 or

19.        Rent is due and payable on the first of every month.  It is delinquent after 9:00 a.m. on the fifth of the month; management will assess late fees.  For security reasons, rent should be paid by check or money order.  If the fifth falls on a Sunday or Holiday it will be due the next working day by the 9:00 AM deadline at the resident manager's office located in the Community building unless other arrangements are made with Manager.
        Governor's Farm accepts all other forms of subsidy from other  agencies.

20.        Items to be hung on the walls will be held up with appropriately sized nails so as not to damage the walls.

21.        Reasonable accommodations must be put in writing from a form that can be obtained from management. At that time it will be determined if a doctor's note is required depending on the request.

Installing ceiling fans, heaters, air conditioners in the unit is not permitted without first obtaining the landlord's written permission.
Washing machines, dryers and portable dishwashers and regular dishwashers are not permitted in the apartments at all.

22.        Cleaning Instructions: Prior to moving out you need to clean your apartment, you can ask the resident manager to give you detailed written instructions for cleaning.  Should you not elect to do your own cleaning, you will be charged the amount that it currently cost the owner for cleaning your apartment.

23.        The tenant must immediately report any accident or injury to water pipes, toilets, drains, fixtures, or other property of Governor's Farm, and all breakage, damage, or loss of any kind.

24.        Satellite dishes may not exceed one meter in diameter.
You may not install any satellite dish larger than one meter (three feet three inches), measured across its widest part.
Dishes may be installed only on inside units or on patios or assigned garden areas.
Satellite dishes may not be installed in locations other than your own leased space.  This means that satellite dishes must be installed inside your unit or on your patio or assigned garden area.  Also, no satellite dishes may be mounted on exterior walls, in common area, or roofs, or at any other location outside of residents own unit.  No portions of the satellite dish may extend beyond the edge of the patio.  Also, satellite dishes may not be mounted in windows or on window frames.
Satellite dishes may not be installed in ways that damage units or buildings. No holes may be drilled in exterior walls during the installation.  Mounting satellite dishes in this way harms building weatherproofing and poses a risk to electrical wiring, water pipes, etc.
Residents may not install satellite dishes themselves.
Residents must have satellite dishes professionally installed.  The resident manager must be present when it is installed.  Please contact resident manager for an agreed time to install the satellite dish.  At time of move-out the satellite dish must be removed or there will be a $25.00 charge if management needs to remove.

25.        Extended Absences and Abandonment: Tenants must notify management in writing if tenant intends to be absent from the site for more than 30 consecutive days.  Tenant may not be absent from the site for longer than 60 consecutive days or 180 days if the absence is due to medical reasons without losing your right to tenancy in the apartment.  If household exceeds the limit of absences, management will take appropriate legal action, including termination of assistance, and eviction. A household may request in writing to have a longer absence approved, but only if there are extenuating circumstances.
Abandonment: If management does not receive notice from a household of an extended absence, management shall consider the household to have abandoned its apartment if:
a.        Management believes the apartment has been unoccupied for more than 30 consecutive days;
b.        The apartment's rent is past due and household has not acknowledged or responded to demands for payment.
Inspection and Notice. If management considers an apartment to be abandoned, management will:
a.        Enter the unit to conduct an emergency inspection; and
b.        Attempt to notify household members that it considers the unit abandoned by sending notice to the household's address at the site and to the addresses of any emergency contacts the household gave to management.
Legal Action. If household do not respond to management's written notice within 15 days of the date of the notice, management will take appropriate legal action, including termination of assistance and eviction.
Storage and Disposal of Abandoned Property. Once management has gotten an eviction order, it will take written and photographic inventory. Any abandoned property in the unit will be stored for 30 days.  If the household does not claim the property during that period, management will then give the property to a charity it designates.  If the charity refuses to take the property, management will throw it out.